Event photography isn’t something that has appeared on this website before, but in this case, I’m delighted to make an exception. This event was a wonderful, moonlit mixing event hosted by 1% for the Planet, organized by LoaCom, on the roof of the Canary Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara. For those of you who don’t know who 1% for the Planet are, they are a non-profit advocating for positive environmental change by encouraging businesses to contribute 1% of their profits towards positive change for the planet. It was a real treat to cover the event for LoaCom and 1%, and to listen to Jack Johnson (who is among the first 1% members) play an intimate set in such a magic location. As a wildlife photographer, I feel very strongly about the need to minimize our impact on the natural world for our our own wellbeing and prosperity as much for nature’s emotional value. I’m extremely grateful for the work 1% and LoaCom are doing. Here’s to making more positive change!


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